Orion Cloud Platform is Launched

On September 28, 2018, Nebula AI held a “Distributed AI cloud Computing” conference where they launched the Orion platform. The event took place at Dentons Law firm at Place-Ville-Marie in downtown Montreal. In attendance, were local AI enterprises, Concordia University and McGill University researchers. 

Orion Platform is a blockchain-based, AI-focused, distributed supercomputing platform established to meet the growing demand for computational power at lower cost (70% cheaper) The platform was developed by Nebula AI, a Montreal-based startup that collaborates with Concordia and McGill University. Orion’s computational supply is harnessed from distributed GPU-based computing resources owned by individuals as well as crypto-mining and gaming companies. Nebula AI is able to buy these companies’ compute power for more than they can earn by mining or providing computing power for gaming. At the same time, Nebula AI provides the computing resources to AI companies for less than they pay to traditional compute suppliers.


Nebula AI also support the development of decentralized AI applications (DAI Apps). We have already developed several DAI Apps including Quant AI, a trading forecast tool, AI Sentiment Analysis, a natural language processing app which identifies and extracts subjective information from written text, and Biomed AI, a medical imaging evaluation tool.


The Orion platform include the following:

  • Nebula AI blockchain
  • Nebula AI Wallet
  • Orion Enterprise Cloud Center
  • Community developer Center
  • Orion payment system
  • Aegis Mining Pool
  • Orion AI Worker Installation Kit

*We will give further details about the Orion platform component the following days.

Mining software will be available to communities and mining farms in 10 days. Further information for details on AI Worker, Ledger and mining equipment requirements will be announced soon.

All tokens that core team mined within those 10 days will be donated to the trial users for education and marketing purposes.

At the moment trial users of Orion include, Computational Genomics Labs at McGill University, Computer Science and Software Engineering department at Concordia University, Ubimust, and Allwegene Technology in Beijing.

NBAI Token Swap

The token swap could be done in the wallet or exchanges within 6 months. Please follow our official social media accounts for further details about the swap announcement to avoid fraud.