AMA Highlights – May 17, 2019

On Friday May 17, 2019 we hosted our second AMA session with the community. CEO Charles Cao gave the community progress updates and future plans. These were the highlights of the meeting.

You can watch the whole AMA on our YouTube channel

Product Progress

Open Source

Open Source code for multiple AI models, NBAI blockchain, AI worker 1.0, and more. You can find all the information and links in our post.

Orion Manual Book

Our team has been working on the Orion Manual book, which provides full documentation for the Orion platform. Documents include: Instruction guides for each component and feature, how to format your script for the Orion platform, installation guides and more.

Orion + Zoom Remote Education

Last week, as part of the Orion Education program we offer, we performed the first Orion + Zoom Remote education. With the integration of the Jupyter Notebook to our Orion system we help provide resources to students to help them create their own instances with Python, and in the future for AI. Students are able to keep the same workspace and models for future course usage.

Business Progress

Hong Kong Business Trip
Charles made a second visit to Hong Kong to meet with an AI education company. Great progress was made during this trip. We will be helping this AI education company set-up their detailed education system for courses and provide additional resources for courses and instructors.

Education Partnership with Informatique Athensoft

We are proud to announce a partnership with Informatique Athensoft. Orion will be providing AI educational support et resources. They will begin using the system as of next week. More details about the partnership will be published shortly.

Discussion with AI companies

We continue to discuss with 2 AI companies and great progress has been made. We will receive the results by the end of the month, where we will reveal the names and additional details.

Listing Applications

As promised once we have open source code, we will begin applications to exchanges. We have completed 3 listing application forms; 2 applications are in progress and more listing discussions are in the works.


Meet Canada Scientific Research and Experimental Development

This week, Canada Scientific Research and Experimental Development program visited Nebula AI office and have almost guaranteed to provide funding support for innovative and advanced technology in Canada. More details will be announced in June’s AMA. support

We continue to provide blockchain support for and the website is scheduled to be launched next week.

Token Release

Token release was distributed to core team. The total amount distributed from April 29, 2018 to April 29, 2019 was 167,500,000. Team members sold 30% of their tokens hold via OTC channel, which would not impact the market.

The budget for next year’s token distribution (April 29, 2019 — April 29, 2020) will be 167,500,000. However, the distribution will not only be limited to just the core Montreal team, it will also include the community developers. Left-over budget that was not distributed the current year will transfer to the following year’s budget.

For developers who wish to make plug-ins, set-up new forums, votes, etc. Can submit a proposal via Telegram or WeChat, and if deemed appropriate we can provide quotes for budget.

Example: If a community developer wants to propose a NBAI wallet for iOS/Android can submit their request, we can provide a quote for them to make it possible.

We will provide details and more information on this topic soon.

Token Swap Extension and Fees

We are providing an extension of 5-days, until May 20th, 2019 11:59PM EST, to the free token swap.

However, after May 20th, 2019, there will be a 1% fee for swapping ERC-20 NBAI to mainnet NBAI.

If you wish to do trading, CoinBene is the only exchange that support mainnet NBAI.

We would like to remind our community members to not send ERC-20 NBAI to CoinBene, you will lose your ERC-20 tokens. We ask that you contact CoinBene’s support team if you accidentally sent your ERC-20 tokens.

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