Nebula AI at TimeChain Event: “How they raised 200M last year”

Timechain events will take you beyond the usual tech-conference suspects. They are designed to introduce attendees to the most compelling innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs who are changing the status quo. They reinvigorate how business professionals define their strategies in rapidly evolving industries.

Charles Cao, CEO of Nebula AI was part of a panel of speakers. The marketing team was present in order to gather some fresh connections, back-of-the-napkin ideas, and to attend the further explore the future of AI and its impact on society and business.

We meet some brilliant people and tech innovators. However few stood out from the crowds:

Joey Fargiorgio, BTM from VEXXHOST. 

VEXXHOST is a cloud computing, Cloud infrastructure, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider that specializes in cloud computing services such as cloud servers based on the OpenStack cloud operating system.

Nick Chong founder of Blockwave and Head of North America for Quoine

Quoine is a fintech company headquartered in Japan with offices in Singapore and Vietnam.  They recently launched Liquid, a cryptocurrency trading platform supporting fiat and dozens of cryptocurrencies. Liquid is currently one of the largest exchanges in Asia. Their mission is to revolutionize banking and financial services and to bring financial services to the un/under-banked. They also offer ICO platform to help startups launch their ico and list their token.

Jean-Pierre Ngezigihe and Jean-Paul Ngezigihe co-founders of Refund.

Refund is an online accounting firm providing innovative tax, accounting and IT solutions to businesses and individuals. They specialize in: Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Bookkeeping, Payroll, GST/QST, and Consulting

Vincent Boucher founder of

Montré and Qué offers consulting and training services as well as financing and academic support to AI clients. Montré is also the owner of the largest online artificial intelligence community in Canada:

Matthew Finestone, Director of Business Development at Loopring. 

Loopring Protocol is designed to solve the three main problems of centralised exchanges: security, transparency and liquidity.  Loopring enables people to build decentralised exchanges on top of their own wallet. It also allows people to trade in confidence, anonymously and safely in a decentralized way. The first public blockchain Loopring supports will be Ethereum, but other blockchains with smart contract capability can also be supported in a similar way, such as NEO, Qtum, and EOS. 

Philippe Kougioumoutzakis de Ubimust

Ubimust is a cutting-edge, cryptocurrency mining system built and managed by a team of industry experts and professionals headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Ubimust offers a complete turnkey mining system that includes planning, hardware installation and smart mining artificial intelligence operating system with automatic conversion designed for optimal profitability and is the only cryptocurrency mining storefront in North America. It is located in the heart of Plateau Mt-Royal at: 4400 St-Denis, Montreal, Qc.

Akaash Mukherjee, Director of Jonar Labs

Jonar Labs is a passionate team of designers, developers, and innovators dedicated to finding solutions to help enterprise resource planning work better. They went back to the drawing board to create a system from scratch. They made a list of all the things that people hate about bad ERP and designed a solution that is better in every way. From there, ParagonERP was born.