Nebula AI and China’s Largest Mining Community: MinerHub

On September 29th, Annie Zhao, president of Titanium Smart Chain (Nebula AI’s Xiamen Branch), went to Xiamen, in the Fujian Province, to visit the MinerHub headquarters to discuss future cooperation.

Nebula AI is planning on using MinerHub infrastructure for distributed AI computing resources provided by Orion Cloud Platform. This cooperation is set to reduce the power consumption of GPUs and will increase the output of computing power.

Orion, launched last week, is improving the speed of AI application development, reduce computing costs of universities and AI enterprises, and promote AI innovation.

MinerHub specializes in mining, mining R&D and supports blockchain applications and solution providers. It’s aims is to provide the market with professional blockchain solutions. Currently, it has more than 2,000 miners and tens of thousands of GPU mining machines, providing convenient multi-currency mining management tools. MinerHub’s blockchain mining service provides all-round security, stability, and credibility.

The Orion Cloud Computing Platform gathers miners from around the world, converting miners into high-efficiency AI computing providers. It provides cost efficient AI computing power to enterprises and Universities, costing 70% less than standard cloud providers.

Nebula AI is committed to build a decentralized artificial intelligence platform which provides high-performance AI computing and data privacy protection for universities and enterprises. AI users send tasks on the Orion platform and the GPU worker gains NBAI tokens by completing tasks. Developers can deploy their AI products on the blockchain to create an AI model development and training platform.

MinerHub hopes to gather large amounts of computing power and amounts large storage traffic, and to create a more sustainable blockchain mining ecology. After the cooperation between both parties, MinerHub will join the Orion cloud platform to help the miners, willing to provide AI computing power, to become AI workers. The goal of the cooperation is to help AI users get cheaper computing power and promote the rapid development of AI industry.

At the moment, the first users of the Orion platform include the Computer Science Department at McGill University, the Software Engineering Department at Concordia University, Ubimust, and the Allwegene. Nebula AI is currently in talks with more AI companies, University, and research institutes.