NBAI Rated Excellent by Slow Mist Smart Contract Safety Audit

Slow Mist is a cybersecurity technology company focused on blockchain. It is home to many top Chinese cyber security experts. The scope of their business includes security audits, defense deployments, and underground hacker tracking.

Earlier this week Slow Mist has been involved in identifying smart contract vulnerability in the EduCoin project. They noted that users can be subject to hacking. Slow Mist has also disclosed that the BAIC TM (a decentralized blockchain platform that streamlines IoT/AI data communications, enable transaction settlement and orchestrate smart contracts) has the same loopholes as the EduCoin.

NBAI smart contracts were rated as excellent by the Slow Mist Security Smart Contract Audit. Slow Mist Technology conducted a comprehensive inspection of the NBAI overflow, conditional competition, authority control and security design.

In addition, in order to ensure the security and reliability of smart contracts, NBAI has established a new security team during the development period that will follow-up with the industry’s top security companies in order to establish more in-depth cooperation, regular audit security and ensure that the smart contracts are safe and reliable.