Nebula AI — September AMA Monthly Report

Nebula AI hosted the September AMA session on September 19th. CEO, Charles Cao updated community members with project and business progress, as well as answered questions from the community.

AMA Highlights — June 21, 2019

On Friday June 21, 2019 we hosted our AMA session with the community. CEO, Charles Cao gave the community progress updates and future plans. These were the highlights of the meeting. Charles presents the AMA in both Chinese and English, which you can watch the whole...

AMA Highlights – May 17, 2019

On Friday May 17, 2019 we hosted our second AMA session with the community. CEO Charles Cao gave the community progress updates and future plans. These were the highlights of the meeting. You can watch the whole AMA on our YouTube channel Product Progress Open Source...

Monthly Report April 2019

[Updated May 13, 2019] TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Added Reward details to the uncle block in our blockchain browser to provide more detailed information. Developed and deployed Ledger dashboard for each ledger to better monitor the reward, tasks and AI workers. Upgraded...

Nebula AI Open Source Code for AI worker 1.0, AI models and more!

[Updated on May 7, 2019] In early April, we promised the community we would open source parts of code. Well the wait is over! Codes available include: NBAI blockchain, AI Model, AI worker version 1.0 and some tools. Please note that new technologies being developed...

Nebula AI AMA — April 19, 2019

On April 19, 2019, Nebula AI CEO Charles Cao, hosted our first AMA session of the year. During the session, Charles shared some exciting news about the product progress, meet-up in China, recent achievements and future plans. Here are some...

Monthly Report — March 2019

Technology Development Release of the AI Worker 2.0.1 which enables you to switch between mining NBAI and performing AI computing task. A new Ledger has been released. Resolved small bugs with AI Worker Completed development of NBAIconverter which enables Python...

1.5 Million NBAI Give Away!

The following campaign will be held with CoinBene to celebrate the NBAI upgrade.
Time: 11:00 December 25th, 2018 ~ 11:00 December 29th,2018  (GMT+8)

Orion Cloud Platform is Launched

On September 28, Nebula AI launched the Orion Platform. Orion gathers GPU computing power from around the world, converting in into AI computing power.

Nebula AI at Montreal’s StartUpFest 2018

NBAI was present for 3 days at Startupfest 2018, Canada’s leading annual “must attend” event that brings together innovators and veteran entrepreneurs from around the world.

Is Blockchain Compliant with GDPR?

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, a toughest piece of privacy legislation ever approved by European authorities, came into force on May 25th, 2018.