Distributed AI Cloud Computing, Orion Platform Launch Event

On Friday September 28, 2018, Nebula AI held a conference on “Distributed AI Cloud Computing” during which the Orion cloud platform was launched. The conference was live streamed on Chinese social media Weibo and Yizhibo, and also on Zoom for international community.

Experts in the Artificial Intelligence and in related fields attended the event. Companies such as StraDigi AIEnvision AILGS an IBM CompanyUbimust, and many more, were present to know more details about the features of Orion platform.


We had the honour of having two people share their thoughts about Artificial Intelligence in their fields of work. Doctor Thomas Fevens, Associate professor in Computer Science and Software Engineering Department at Concordia University, gave a speech on “Deep Learning in Healthcare”. While Andre DuPont, Vice President of Strategic Partnership at Timechain, spoke about “artificial intelligence computing and digital assets”.



And finally, CEO and co-founder of Nebula AI, Charles Cao, launched the Orion Cloud Computing Platform to attendees and viewers from around the world.