Nebula AI forms a Strategic Partnership with Information Athensoft

Nebula AI is joining a strategic partnership with Informatique Athensoft in the field of artificial intelligence and education to promote the use of Orion in education industry.

On June 1st, Nebula AI was invited as strategic partner to participate at the “Youth Special AI Workshop” event held by Informatique Athensoft in Montreal. They signed the strategic cooperation agreement which was witnessed by the local youth employment center, educational institutions, student and parent representatives, human resources consulting firm and other honoured guests. CEO Charles also gave a presentation about the company and talked about the features and advantages of the use of Orion Notebook in education.

Nebula AI will provide the Orion Notebook, technical support and resources regarding Orion Cloud Platform to Informatique Athensoft’s courses, which includes data science, artificial intelligence, AI robotics education, Python programming and application development.

In return, Informatique Athensoft will train instructors to use the Orion cloud computing environment and the Orion Notebook as a teaching platform. In addition, Informatique Athensoft will promote the use of the Orion Cloud Platform, which will bring more users to the platform and help improve user experience and platform performance.

Nebula AI and Informatique Athensoft will be establishing an internship programme for online and offline projects.

Informatique Athensoft is located in Montreal, Canada, and offers the Athensoft Open-Minded Learning Center New Thinking Learning Center, which provides educational and training services for adults and teenagers. The current children and youth programs include software development, Java programming, Python programming, Web design, AI basics, programming fundamentals for kids and LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Adult training courses include Java/Java Web, artificial intelligence and data science, Python programming, DevOps, mobile application development, Web design and front-end development. In addition, Informatique Athensoft has other divisions which are: J Design Studio Graphic Arts Creative Studio and SITEM Forum, which is Athensoft are co-founders with CanData to spread high- technology, share knowledge and experience of this industry.