Nebula AI is Launching Orion Cloud Platform

Nebula AI’s Orion Cloud Platform is going live next Friday, September 28th.

The launching event will take place at Dentons Firm in downtown Montreal.

Orion’s goal is to reduce artificial intelligence costs by reducing the price of data processing by 70%.

Consumer accessibility to machine learning, AI’s current state-of-the-art, is still limited by a high price tag. An average MVP for artificial intelligence varies between $35,000 to $100,000, depending on the total project size and complexity.

For AI to work, users have to rent GPU-based servers on cloud from one of the three giants who control more than half of the market: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Nebula AI’s goal is to become the alternative by using the aggregated computing power of GPU owners around the world who can now sell their computing resources to AI users.

Orion Platform is a result of an accumulation of a unprecedented amounts of unstructured data available today and a growing interest in GPU parallel computer architectures for computing of AI algorithms.

For the last 8 month Nebula AI has been building the Orion Platform while providing financial and intellectual resources for Montreal’s university research labs. It uses blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to create new business networks with more trust and transparency.

Orion release is including the following items:

  • Orion cloud computing service system
  • A Blockchain dashboard
  • Nebula AI’s 3 DAI Apps: Quant AI, Sentiment Analysis, and Crowd Intelligence.

Crowd intelligence is Nebula AI’s latest sentiment evaluation AI app. It uses social media sentiment analysis and crowd intelligence to provide insight on future behaviors. It integrate machine and human intelligence at a large scale, enabling the development of AI task with the wisdom of communities.

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Nebula AI empowers companies, organisations, and individuals with blockchain and AI technologies and provides financial and intellectual resources for McGill University and Concordia University research labs.