Nebula AI — September AMA Monthly Report

Nebula AI hosted the September AMA session on September 19th. CEO, Charles Cao updated community members with project and business progress, as well as answered questions from the community.

Product Progress

Edge Computing Cloud Solution

This month we focus on our Edge Computing Cloud solution as a product to sell to enterprises. We have already completed all documentations and marketing materials such as flyers and pamphlet to hand out to enterprises we visited.

The Edge computing Cloud solution is a lightweight packaging of NBAI public cloud, it is optimized for the user privilege control in the local and datacenter environment.


New content and UI design for website published new documentation on user guides. has added a section for careers.

For the Notebook user guide on documentation page, we added the step-by-step instructions on how to use our notebook to train models. Earlier this month we also posted on social media the price for Notebook. We will begin to charge $0.75/h when using the Notebook for training.

Another version of with edge details and more regarding the pricing policy page is in progress. It will be online earlier October.

New Container Service online

Container service is a new component to the NBAI cloud platform, which is a standard upstream NBAI Cloud Services and an integrated docker compatible container registry as a fully managed service.

Users can use Container Native Service to build their own services such as mysql, mango db, etc. to build a robust web service solution.

Coupon function is online

We have implemented a coupon code function to the NBAI platform. Enter a promotional code in your NBAI account to redeem it. This function is used for marketing and promotion related actions.

Kick-out function for non-paid user

We have implemented a kick-out function for users who use notebook and exceed the funds they have in their NBAI wallet.

Signup with Github and Gmail

In addition to the traditional way to register and login to your NBAI account. We have enabled signups using either your Github or Gmail account. Users can synchronize data from Google and AWS to NBAI Cloud.

Business Progress

Cooperation Updates

An e-commerce company has signed a contract with us for migrating their application to the NBAI Cloud platform.

During this past month, we have signed the AI infrastructure contract with a local data centre, which provide high power for AI and gaming industry. Migration work will begin next month.

Communication & Visits

Progress with government organizations for assistance and funding support. The federal government allocated a billion-dollar plan for innovation in AI and cloud computing industries especially in data security.

Over the month, we have visited over a dozen enterprises who were interested in NBAI cloud, both in Montreal and Toronto. We also connected with business incubators in Toronto like DMZ and MaRs for business advice to help the business growth of NBAI.


We attended various events during September that includes: ConcordiaAI, Next AI and AI Hackathon.

At the AI Hackathon held on September 13 to 15, Nebula AI was proud to be a silver sponsor at the event. Our team was also on-site as tech support. We provided Notebook and Storage services to participants. Many entrants used the NBAI cloud services during the Hackathon to present their training results to judges.

Users were impressed by the user-friendly interface, quick loading data and high efficiency of AI machine learning. They would like to migrate their data from AWS/Google to NBAI GS2 solution packages.

COO, Rex presenting the NBAI Notebook
Nebula AI team as tech support
Participants using the NBAI Notebook

Business News

We have a new AI server purchased and it is equipped with 4*2080Ti GPU cards.

Our revenue increased by 20% compared to last month, this is mostly because we have new customers switched from AWS to our own NBAI Cloud platform.

Future Plans

We will continue business growth and meet with enterprises. We plan to visit over 20 enterprises in the coming month. As well as offer support to at least 2 events in the AI industry. and nbai blockchain boot node is planning migrate from AWS to NBAI cloud.

In October, we plan to travel to the United States and China for more cloud corporations.

As mentioned previously with the focus towards Edge Cloud computing, this will be a major generator of revenue for us.

We suggest the NBAI on NBAI cloud vs USD be 1000NBAI=1USD. This is the easiest way for customers do converting to USD. However, the exchange rate will be updated within a certain period (e.g. 3 months). You could compare the rate on NBAI cloud vs exchanges to iTunes card on Apple store vs retail store. You may find better pricing in different retail store with 10%-30% discount, but on the Apple store, it will always give a fixed rate to USD.

We also suggested reducing per block output from 35 to 17 due to low NBAI volume in circulation at the moment.

Our sales goal for October is $20,000.


Any exchange listing updates?

We have been continuing to wait for updates regarding exchange listings. We continue to actively apply and contact exchanges, however responses are slow.

Any worries regarding the current price of NBAI tokens on cmc (coinmarketcap) or ddex?

This is not a major concern at the moment since this is not our main focus. Our focus is to make a product that enterprises can use with rates they can understand.

Any updates on the AI companies previously mentioned that were going to switch from AWS to NBAI Cloud?

We are still in the negotiation stage before AI companies can sign a contract. Athensoft is very happy with the Notebook within their company, and a 2nd paid contract is in progress. More companies are starting to try our solutions, we are very confident about the potential cooperation.