August 15 — Nebula AI AMA Highlights and Monthly Report

Nebula AI hosted the August AMA session on August 15th. CEO, Charles Cao updated community members with project and business progress, as well as answered questions from the community.

Product Progress new look

We have updated the content and look of We have integrated the new feature of products to our website. For example, you can find our Edge Computing services in the new website.


We have enhanced the management of Notebook user data, and now user data can be migrated across multiple servers and GPU instances while maintaining data consistency.

GPU cluster in Edge Computing Environment

We have implemented the GPU cluster to the Edge Computing environment, users can use multi-GPU and multi-servers in an offline environment. We provide calculation capabilities not only in a local environment but also offer the option to connect to the public cloud environment. You can also use the hybrid cloud solution to perform local offline computing.

CPU and GPU Notebook instances.

You can use CPU instances on Notebook for calculations, which will charge around 0.09 to 0.10$ per hour compared to GPU instances which charge 0.75$ per hour.

Hardware Vendor Selections

We have begun the process of selecting hardware vendors. Until now, we have confirmed an American vendor while 4 other vendor candidates are still in discussion.

Product Migration

Another change for Nebula AI was product migration and change of product names. These changes are designed to help customers more directly understand the products and services we can offer them.

Business Progress


Last week, we started a business partnership with Concordia AI. At the same time, they introduced us to more new customers and Ai companies in their business network as our intermediary. We have established communication channels for bring more business cooperation in the future. The subsequent progress will be continuously updated in future monthly reports.

Meeting with Canada Next Generation Network

We meet with Canada Next Generation Network to scale up for service testing. Our network should now support around 1000 GPUs. Canada Next Generation network can provide testing for GPUs we do not have such as Tesla Titan GPU.

Informatique Athensoft first training term completed

Athensoft completed their first term of training using our platform. It brought very successful results and have benefited from our user-friendly and stable platform. We will make a separate post regarding their experience on our platform soon.

Enterprise Visits

We have visited 10 enterprises in last month, half of these enterprises have great interest in using our products. One company, in particular, has taken interest in our edge computing suite and public cloud for AR and AI training.

Preparing promotional plan for product marketing

This month we have setup a product marketing plan and this will be our main focus for the coming months.

We have designed a marketing plan for digital marketing which include SEO, internet marketing, social media, email campaigns, blog posts, online video, telemarketing calls, etc.

We will also focus on Promotion and Referral programs. We have an individual referral plan which include 50hours of free trial, 5GB of cloud storage and benefit for referrer. We will add Group Referral plan and Enterprise Packages (free hours and more benefits).

Increase revenue

Our revenue has increased by 50% from the previous month, and the growth is mainly from the business of artificial intelligence cloud computing.

Increase users

Compared with the previous month, users of NBAI increased by 100% this month. At present, our user base is not large, we hope to increase the number of platform users to about 1000 users by the end of next month. We would also like to increase the conversion rate and hope to take the user conversion rate to a new level.

Hiring plan for Business Development Manager

We have opened a hiring position for a Business Development Manager. You can find more information on Indeed.


What is the marketing plan for social media?

Social media marketing and general product marketing will be the main focus for the next coming months. 50% of company resources will be used for marketing. We already have promotional goods ready such as brochures and flyers for customers.

We have plans to travel to Toronto to promote our product and services, as well as participate in business events.

Any updates regarding exchange listing?

We are still in the process of slow negotiations with the major exchanges (U.S Compliance Exchanges), we are planning to send emails next week to update them on our progress and follow up for any additional materials.