AI+ Blockchain: Charles’s 2nd conference at Fudan University

The crowd of nearly a hundred gathered for Charles Cao’s 2nd conference at Shanghai Fudan University inside the “AI+ Blockchain, Building a New World of Future Ecology” tour.

Participants from various fields such as finance, IT, and business showed interest for Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

During the conference, Charles covered multiple topics which included:

  • What is Blockchain
  • Blockchain Structure
  • Blockchain Application Scenarios
  • Working Principle of Bitcoin miners
  • AI Quantitative Transactions

After the conference audience members asked many questions related to the AI and blockchain implementation. The crowd showed much enthusiasm and many stayed after the conference for a in-depth conversation on the subject.

The Shanghai conference was a success. Charles Cao’s next event will be in Xiamen on June 16th, at the Xiamen Software Park.