Nebula AI at Montreal’s StartUpFest 2018

Startupfest is Canada’s leading annual “must attend” event that brings together innovators and veteran entrepreneurs from around the world.

Nebula AI was present for 3 days to gather some fresh connections, back-of-the-napkin ideas, and to attend the AIFest, a two-day event which explores the future of AI and its impact on society and business.

We meet some brilliant people and tech innovators. However few stood out from the crowds:



Lesley Klassen is a CEO and Co-Founder of Flipside, a real-time animation studio in virtual reality. Flipside is a free application that uses Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to produce animated shows in real-time, whether they’re recorded or streamed live to the web.  Shows made with Flipside work on frontier technology like VR/AR.


Alistair Croll

We meet Alistair Croll after his awesome talk about marketing and startup acceleration. Croll has been an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker for nearly 20 years, involved in web performance, big data, cloud computing, and entrepreneurship.


We meet with Carl Dussault, Founder and CEO of Evovest, a investment management firm that uses artificial intelligence and evolutive learning techniques to manage investment portfolios. Their AI Investment Framework consistently adds value versus a passive investment strategy by systematizing the investment process of a fundamental portfolio manager through the combination of artificial intelligence and proprietary financial know-how.


We met William Robinson, Senior Manager and Chief of Communications at Catallaxy, a blockchain consulting firm, serving both the public and private sectors. Their mission is to ensure that blockchain technologies are developed intelligently for long-term growth. With the support of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, Quebec’s largest accounting and audit firm, they aim to drive and establish the best practices and facilitate industry coordination.

Age of Minds

Dorian Kieken founder of Age of Minds, that leverages machine learning, video games and distributed leadership to enable collaborative AIs.

MTL NewTech

Alejandro Martinez-Ramos from MTL NewTech, a non-profit organization dedicated to the success of Montréal startup entrepreneurs. They run an event every first Tuesday of the month where 4-6 startups present in front of an audience of programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, students etc. They also have an awesome calendar of Montréal startup community and developer events on their website.

Add it to your Google calendar!!


We met Kris Lachance from Real, a Montreal based venture capital that has already invested in over 200 companies, raised over $300M across 5 early-stage funds and seen the Valley’s best VCs jumping on flights from SF & NY to Canada to back industry-defining companies.


We meet with Frederic Vicaire from Brain, a agency specialized in high quality recruitment services focused on gaming, film and AI.
Brain also offers consulting services and marketing strategy to boost recruitment success.


We met with LinkCoin team from Toronto that has designed a custody cryptocurrency exchange based on the Ethereum network to reduce trading risks, and add another protective layer for the investors’ assets. LinkCoin aims to be go-to OTC market by improving UI and UX, and introducing risk-reducing security technology.

Monkey Jabber

We met Jacob Moshinsky from Monkey Jabber, a wearable company focused on nurturing our kids and seniors through reliable communication, GPS tracking, monitoring and two-way communication devices.

The Jabber – A GPS Walkie-Talkie Tracking Smartwatch For Kids

The GPS smartwatch that gives parents the peace of mind regarding their children's safety.

Posted by Monkey Jabber on Thursday, October 26, 2017