AMA Highlights — June 21, 2019

On Friday June 21, 2019 we hosted our AMA session with the community. CEO, Charles Cao gave the community progress updates and future plans. These were the highlights of the meeting.

Charles presents the AMA in both Chinese and English, which you can watch the whole AMA on our Youtube Channel

Product Progress

Orion Notebook

Enhanced Jupyter Notebook, integrated to the Orion Cloud platform and equipped with GPU resources. Features include writing code directly on the Orion Notebook, run and debug scripts, view and automatically save your results. The Notebook will also be used in the AI education field.

Orion Notebook is still in free beta testing at the moment, we plan to start charges for the service in one month

Users can access the notebook either by the Notebook link or on the Orion user dashboard.

Try out the Orion Notebook
Read the documentation of Orion Notebook

Referral Program

When you refer a friend to the Orion Cloud platform, you and your friend will each receive 1500 NBAI, once your friend has registered and activated their account. Along with the welcome credit of 1500 NBAI to new users, referred users can get 3000 NBAI (3h of AI computing)

Please note that this NBAI can only work on the Orion Platform for AI computing and can not withdraw to your NBAI wallet.

You can find your referral code in your Orion account profile.

Technical Updates

  • Enhanced the security of NBAI Wallet by optimizing dependencies. Using the offline version of the wallet is currently more secure than the online version. We recommend all users to download the latest offline wallet from our Github.
  • Bug fixes in Browser and Worker list page. The amount of tasks and rewards for Workers can now be queried according to the Worker’s wallet address or ID (DID).
  • Launch daily AI task every hour. The running time was between 10 minutes to 20 minutes. The AI ​​Worker will receive task randomly, once completed they could receive around NBAI rewards. To receive reward, all you need is to setup you Worker.

Business Progress

China Business Trip

CEO, Charles Cao went on an 8-day business trip to China. The trip was a success!

  • The Nebula AI Xiamen office will be providing services to blockchain related technologies. The branch has begun to make profits and will continue to provide Orion operation and maintenance support services in China and Hong Kong markets.
  • We will be working with a Shenzhen company to provide a new type of AI Worker system specifications. We plan to provide AI servers type 1 and type 2. The server is still in beta testing and will be powered by the Orion operating system. It will combine storage, AI services and mining services. We plan to deliver a highly competitive hosting plan for data centers in Canada and the United States. (see future plan section for more details)
  • Charles meet with a exchanges in Beijing to discuss possible technical cooperation.
  • A business proposal was submitted to a Hong Kong company to further integrate the Orion Notebook.


Exchange application continues, the process is slower than expected as we were asked to provide additional documents for exchanges.

North America Business Progress

  • With the partnership with Informatique Athensoft, we are expecting to bring 2000 users to the Orion platform by the end of 2019. The first batch of users started using the platform in June and have successfully completed the first round of testing, providing valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement. Users who conducted the testing raised concerns about some performance and delay problems that occur in the system. In response, we have deployed new data centers in Xiamen and other regions to ensure that the nodes are functioning properly.
  • We are in discussion with 2 Montreal AI companies for AI training and we are expecting to close the contract by the end of June and start services around mid-July. Both companies have decided to cease using Amazon AWS services as it was too expensive, and have taken an interest in our low-cost and high-performance services.

Visits & Events

Nebula AI CTO, Ray Lin, visited the Cologix, eStructure data center in Montreal.

CEO, Charles Cao presented at the “Youth Special AI Workshop” event hosted by Informatique Athensoft, where he introduced the company’s products to guests and students. You can read more about partnership in our previous blog post

Nebula AI’s business development department participated in the Startup Canada Challenge. Several AI-related companies who participated in the event have shown great interest in our products and will have further communication in the near future.

New Member

We welcome our new team member and COO, Rex Miller. With over 8 years of experience in managing multi-tier technical teams in the IT environment, Rex will be in charge of designing and implementing different business operations.

Future Plans

Computing Nodes in China will be added in July, which include domestic DNS, website backup and more.

Q3 Development

  • We plan to complete the hardware design of the AI mining server in the next three months. However will not release the hardware ourselves, we will cooperate with the hardware manufacturers. We plan to launch an AI server that can compete with Nvidia.
  • Pisces Data Center Solutions — A private cloud manager for Data centers, is in its final stages of development. The installation kit is predicted to launch in mid-July. Data centres and SMB private cloud users can install the node by simply installing the kit. Pisces includes Ledger and data center management capabilities (including performance, downtime, system status monitoring, whitelisting, blacklisting).
  • Cygnus Storage Solutions is in its final stages of research and development, is predicted to launch in July. Cygnus along with Pisces and Orion will complete the AI Cloud plan. Although the storage system does not currently have IPFS (Star File System) functions enabled yet, it is already a fast and efficient storage channel, which can meet the needs of AI companies of all sizes below 50 employees.
  • Our target is to support 1000 Nodes in our system in the coming quarter.